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Our Story

With more than 20 years of experience in ICT sector , Ahmed Tolba appointed several roles in local & multinational corporates. he held a leadership role at ITWORX Education, where he contributed to the company’s growth and expansion in Latin American markets such as Chile and Mexico.

Ahmed always thinking of the value we have to add to people and the impact we do in their  lives. and always asking  " what did you do to make our life much better?.

He decided to leave the corporate world and focus on utilizing his experience in business growth through channel sales as well as learning from others to do something with good impact on ICT sector. FastGrow born to fulfill this vision to be the growth accelerator through channel sales helping SMBs in MEA to grow and boost the ICT sector quality regionally & worldwide.


What we do

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Readiness, coaching & consulting services in Business development, sales, channel sales & marketing.

We help our clients to solve the challenge of slow business growth by building & accelerating their growth sales plans through channel sales management.

We offer a practical portfolio of business consulting services, starting with company assessment, professional channel sales readiness program to develop company channel mindset and learn how to Recruit, Enable, GTM, Sell & Manage channels effectively in new markets. then conduct our coaching program to ensure channel strategy implementation that reflects both hands on experience & best practice which accelerate sales and increase market share.

Whatever your state & needs we can help YOU to make it happen. Get in touch with us today.


"To be the best business growth accelerator through channels partners for technology SMEs & startups to BOOST software industry quality locally & regionally."


Ahmed Tolba
Founder and CEO

•20+ years experience in ICT with different roles.

•8 years of solid channel sales experience.

•Former Partners & Business Development director at ITWORX Education.

•Manage more than 60 partners in MEA, North & Latin America.

•Help to achieve 50% increase of top line sales for his previous corporate selling through channels.

•$1M pipeline leads selling through channels in Chile, Mexico & US. 6-7% closing rate.

•Develop & execute the channel sales strategy for several companies in MEA.

•Business Growth consultant for SMEs in Egypt , Analyize, plan & execute channel strategy to grow their business through channels.

•Active Udemy instructor with 8000+ enrollments from 140 countries WW.

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