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ITWORX Education
  1. Develop & execute the channel sales strategy for ITWORX Education.

  2. Manage more than 60 partners in MEA, North & Latin America.

  3. Help to achieve 50% increase of top line sales for ITWORX Education selling through channels.

  4. Opening a new market selling through channels in Chile, Mexico.

  1. Design & execute growth strategy for ArkDev with US & Local channel partners 

  2. Conduct full readiness program for business growth through channel partners.

  3. Coach business development function to drive 35% booked Revenue growth in 2020.

  4. Change company business mindset to best utilize channel sales.

SkillBoard logo-W.JPG
  1. 4 months assignment for new EdTech start-up as CBO (Cheif Business officer).

  2. Establish operation strategy including team structure ,MVP,HR & recorded & live courses process.

  3. Develop business GTM strategy.

  4. Develop online university business plan.

  1. Consulting quest to develop & execute a new EdTech business including online courses and a disruptive engagement App.

  2. Design project MVP and GTM strategy.

  3. Support in Software bidding and proposal evaluations.

  4. Design pre-requisites & implementation strategy.

  1. Conduct full readiness program for business growth through channel partners.

  2. Coach sales team to achieve 50% revenue growth in 2020.

Classera logo.png
  1. Establish new channel sales department.

  2. Design Classera channel sales strategy & Channel sales program.

  3. Recruit 8 BIG channel partners in 10 countries in MEA & APAC regions.

  4. Grow Classera new business with 30% in 2021.

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