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We offer practical portfolio of business consulting services , starting with company assessment including vision ,strategy , targets & structure , professional channel sales readiness program to develop company channel mindset and learn how to Recruit, Enable, GTM, Sell & Manage channels effectively in new markets. then conduct our coaching program to ensure channel strategy implementation that reflects both hands on experience & best practice which accelerate sales and increase market share.


FastGrow methodology is based on four main phases : Assess , Train , Coach & Evaluate.



  • Understand company vision, values & historical Revenue targets.

  • Understand company strategy & growth history.

  • Assess company channel & sales experience.

  • Understand future revenue targets & Expected cost.

  • Product quick demo.

  • Understand current channel situation & challenges

1 hour

FREE Assessment CALL

Estimated Duration : 4 hrs sessions/calls 

Readiness Program

Through 8 intensive workshop sessions you will learn how to build the right channel mind set, develop your channel strategy, how to find & recruit the right partner, align, enable , generate leads, execute & manage opportunities with your channel.


Foundation & Terminology

Part 1

2 hrs


Build & Run

GTM strategy

3 hrs


Foundation & Terminology

Part 2

2 hrs


Channel Incentives

2 hrs




Find the right channel


2 hrs


Opportunity Management


Sell with channel

 3 hrs




Educate your channel


3  hrs


Manage & Evaluate



1-2 hrs

Estimated Duration : 2 months

Coaching Program

We provide coaching services that follow practical & best practice approach reflecting our channel sales readiness modules which guarantee effective execution to our channel sales program. We will help creating new channel role, implementing our channel strategy so your channel manager can recruit, enable, market, sell & manage channel sales. As well as building a customized channel program to achieve max revenue.



Channel role


Implement Channel strategy


Design Channel Program

Estimated Duration : 3-4 months

Key Benefits

  1. Economical impact that leverage & grow small & medium business.

  2. Sales Target: Accelerating annual sales target for SMBs through channels with foreign currency.

  3. Growth: Accelerating SMBs Exporting business growth in new markets & increase company valuation.

  4. Team Readiness: Building well-trained sales team on how to deal with channels, achieve sales targets & save cost of iterative channel activities for longer time.

  5. Channel Program: Boost revenue, save time & effort through well designed channel program to classify channels types into partner’s tiers to optimize resources & efforts along with partner’s benefits associated with sales targets.

  6. Channel process driven approach:  Own a proven channel sales process to be re-used & customized with different channels to grow business in current & new regions.

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